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Who we are

This resource hub is a connection point for a network of practitioners and diocesan staff interested and involved in Interim Ministry (IM). 

It is being hosted by the Diocese of Chelmsford to support the further development of IM in the Church of England.

An informal network (see IM England Network) has been developing since 2015, led by the Diocese of Chelmsford. However, this structure is evolving and it is hoped that the next stage will be a more formal coalition linking grassroots practitioners with diocesan learning and national strategy, in line with the Church of England Vision and Strategy outlined in 2020.

In 2021 a voluntary group serving Interim Ministers volunteered to spearhead the ongoing development of IM during 2021:

  • The Revd Julie Bacon: The Diocese of Leeds 
  • The Revd Helen Gheorghiu Gould: The Diocese of Chelmsford
  • The Revd Fiona Pennie: The Diocese of Liverpool
  • The Revd Stephen Skinner: The Diocese of Exeter
  • The Revd Philip Swan: The Diocese of Lichfield
  • The Revd Louise Vincer: The Diocese of Canterbury (Convener from April 2021)

For further information contact the IM Group Convener: Revd Louise Vincer.